Friday, June 1, 2012

As Much As I Have Time For

There's been so much going on lately and I have had far less time sitting at the computer writing than I'd like...far less time to even gather my thoughts to write anything coherent in the first place!

The kids are both now officially done with school for the year. Pacey had a wonderful year and made so much progress with an excellent team. It was his second and last year at his preschool and so a little harder to say goodbye to some people we got to know well since moving here. Brighton had a phenomenal year and it sounds like a lot of the kids in her class will return with her in the fall for the 3s class. Today was her last day and it was amazing to see the difference in her since the first day last fall. She was a bit timid then, tentatively moving into the classroom to explore and meet some new friends. Today she came barreling toward me barefoot from the playground, talking about the shoe store she and her friends were having and how her new shoes fit just right. Oh, and then regaled me with a story about how she went "big poops" at school and Teacher Kelli said, "WOW, good job!" Such growth in both of them in just 9 months.

They will both start four weeks of summer preschool next week, giving me several mornings a week to organize us and hopefully allow for more adventures when they are not in school. My mother-in-law and brother-in-law arrive from England on Monday for two weeks and I am busily making lists of places to take them and things to see. There is so much to do here in the summer time it is almost overwhelming.

Our house has been on the market (another story for another time) and boy do I have a lot to say about the experience. We've had a remarkable number of showings and received an offer last week but the buyers withdrew from negotiations. I am not great with situations I am not in control of and this has been trying to say the least. Our plan is to be hopefully finished with the showing process within a month so at least there is sort of an end in sight. More on that whole thing later.

We have been taking boats out as much as the weather will allow - it's still pretty changeable this time of year and I have no interest in being caught out in a thunderstorm in the middle of a lake! I am pleasantly surprised by how well the kids have taken to it and by how easy the whole process has been in general.

So much more to catch up on, but my brain is too fried and I have a door-slamming game to go and interrupt upstairs. I'd really prefer not to be getting anyone's fingers x-rayed tonight.

We explored a local nursery that had the most amazing
fairy garden display. Brighton and I were both smitten.

The only way they ever nap together anymore, making
this absurdly expensive stroller worth every penny.

"Mom, look at my moves!"

Gotta give credit to this $10 doll's gotten
some hard wear

Doing her "ballet" in the kitchen. I'm looking at
dance classes for fall.

Pacey and the son of a friend from high school who was visiting the area.
The kids had so much fun together and it always tickles me to see my kids
with my friends' kids.

Cookies on the deck after a Memorial Day bbq. D was excited to sit at the
table with the bigger kids

Despite the messy cookie faces, this is my new favorite picture of the two
of them. I always wanted a big brother and I'm so happy B has hers.

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