Friday, June 1, 2012

Back on the Farm

So, do you all remember this?

Well today was The Farm Part 2. It's been almost a year since our last trip and a member of the MOMS Club actually set us up with a guided tour through the farm. I am pleased to say it was 100% more successful than last year's attempt. There was still this:

Familiar Protest Pose
But other than that the day went off without a hitch. The kids got to pet and feed the chickens and check under the hens for eggs, milk a cow, pet month-old lambs, pick and eat strawberries and asparagus (haha, like they'd eat that) directly from the garden and see a five-day-old calf. Our guide, Farmer Tim was fantastic and really patient with the kids and everyone behaved really well, especially considering it was a group of 11 kids ages five and under. What a great way to officially kick off summer vacation*!

Moments before he tried to, uh, kiss the rooster 
She's totally the kid in the crowd that volunteers answers

This poor mama is due any day with 8-12 piglets. She kept shifting around
and was clearly uncomfortable. 

Farmer Tim and Mimi the milk cow

The first kid to be brave enough to try milking

Pacey happily gave it a go too

He's clearly very comfortable with farm animals!

Delilah the 100-pound guard dog

We were all waiting to see which kid was going to stick their head in the
water trough

Ruined for grocery store strawberries

Pacey was not a fan of the racket the cows put up

Baby cow, looking for his mama

She was very concerned about Baby being separated
(temporarily) from his mama

*Granted, it's not technically vacation for the kids as they have summer school but having three mornings a week to myself is the closest thing I am going to get to a vacation for a long time yet!


Heather said...

The pic of P hugging the sheep is too stinking cute- I don't think my kids would have the guts.

I hope you guys are enjoying the heck out of your summer so far! :)

angela said...

I came across your blog while searching for the "ok to wake owl." I immediately was sucked into your blog & fell in love with you & your family! Your children are so absolutely precious. Pacey just makes you want to squeeze & kiss him & B is just magical! We are trying for baby #2 & the pictures of the two of them together- holding hands or with their arms around eachother melt my heart. What a great big brother! So sweet! You say so many things that make me laugh because it is completely something I would say or think. Thanks for letting strangers into your world for a laugh, reality check, or some inspiration! -Angela