Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Truths of Summer

1. 5:45 am is the new 6:45 am

2. Ice cream cones melt really, really fast when it's 90+ degrees outside

3. It's possible to lick three different ice cream cones at once if you really need to

4. Picnics are totally overrated

5. If you are super prepared and bring your sand toys with you to a new playground, there won't be any sand. If you forget your sand toys...well, you can figure that one out

6. My kids are prepared to submerge themselves in water a good 20 degrees colder than I am comfortable with

7. Relaxing the daily bath rules for the summer sounds appealing until you consider sunscreen, bug spray, melty ice cream cones and shoes with holes that result in appallingly dirty feet

8. There is something incredibly sweet about scrawny little arms with farmers' tans

9. While you could argue that summer clothes are half as big as the winter ones, somehow twice as many end up getting worn so the laundry situation is net even

10. I need to teach my kids about Nature Peeing

11. Sunscreen sprays and sticks are competing for my vote for best invention

12. If you apply said sunscreen sprays to your children on the kitchen floor, the overspray will create a deadly slick of SPF that may flatten you later in the day

13. Summer days go by at least twice as quickly as winter ones. I'm off to enjoy them...

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