Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Yesterday afternoon I settled Brighton in her room after we dropped Pacey off at school, hoping it would be one of the increasingly infrequent days she would actually nap. I heard her puttering around for awhile and then it got quiet, so I was pretty sure she was asleep.

An hour or so later, I went up to begin waking her up so we could go get Pacey. I stepped into her room to see this:

An empty bed. Well, sometimes she has fallen asleep curled up in the recliner we still keep in her room:

Nope, no Brighton. This was reminding me of the time Pacey "disappeared" inside his bedroom and I finally found him curled up inside his toy box. I turned around and, AHA! A clue:

Upon further inspection I confirmed that she had fallen fast asleep on the floor inside her closet. Looks comfy, no?

Silly girl.


Michelle said...

Haha! Lucas has done that to me too. He said, "I'm going to hide and you find me." He'll lay down in his closet and close the door and by the time I made it upstairs he was out cold!

Elsha said...

Ha! My dad said the other day he checked on Kalena after she had gone to bed and found her sleeping in the laundry basket!