Thursday, September 15, 2011

More than Just a Food-Chiller

I love looking at people's fridges. To me, a cluttered fridge door tells a story and epitomizes the concept of home. It kind of drives my husband nuts. He had an idea that when we moved into this house we would cast off the shackles of fridge decor and adopt a sleek, unadorned look. Needless to say, he was outvoted. Or, rather, his idea was vetoed (seeing as technically, the vote was a tie)

I try not to keep too much crap on the fridge, but I consider it a place to display a little of our family personality as well as keep track of important things. The fridge is located right next to the door to the laundry room, which leads to the garage. Therefore, it's a great place to glance as I leave the house and make sure I'm not forgetting something important.

So, since the majority of people who may read this blog aren't in a position to come over and have a look at my fridge, I'll show it to you!

This full-length shot is really only intended to show the fact that only the upper third of the fridge is usable real estate at this point, unless I want all my bits and pieces removed and spread through the house by the Redistribution Elves. Also - despite the fact we went with the faux stainless steel in order to get the magnetic properties, it is still nearly always covered in finger prints and other unidentified smears.

And now the close up:

Starting with the left side, we have, going clockwise from top left, photos of me with each of my babies (these are rare, and both were taken by a good friend from California and given to me - the best kind of gift), two ticket stubs from Pacey's first Twins game, our fall chores To Do List, a weekly calendar describing Brighton's activities (underneath is a stack of recipes, waiting ever hopefully to be used), business card/magnets for the place where Pacey has his speech therapy, Papa Murphy's, the pediatrician (responsible parent here) and poison control. And in the middle, a heart with Pacey's name of unknown origin.

And on the right side, a couple of Boxer magnets, a photo of my sister and my nephew, a photo of Brighton and her preschool teachers, a birth announcement for my cousin's daughter, a photo of Chris's father's wedding in France (stuck there because I kept finding the kids with it and just needed it out of the way), and a business card for the local MG garage.

I have to point out that you can just see an assortment of cereals/cookies/snacks on the top of the fridge. That, more than any of the other fridge clutter drives my poor husband insane. We're kind of limited on pantry space though, and it's a habit I can't break so there they stay.

And the side view. We have two fingerpaintings executed by the kids that shall be displayed forevermore, due to the fact I plan to never do fingerpainting in this household again (come on, that's what I pay preschool tuition for: finger paint and glitter!), a set of singing alphabet magnets foolishly purchased while I was pregnant with Pacey and had no idea how insanely irritating all Leapfrog toys are,  a list of numbers for the power company (clearly, I have a hard time throwing away "useful" magnets), and our White Board for Important Things We Need. Currently listing Branston pickle and fire starting devices, because every house needs fire and strange, chunky sandwich spreads.

What's on your fridge?

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Heather said...

LOL..take what's on the side of your fridge and multiply it by 10 and that is what my whole fridge looks like. We have pictures from each year's visit with Santa (with random Easter Bunny pics thrown in), pictures of my niece, pics of us with the kiddos, the latest artwork du jour, alphabet magnets, 3 Leapster toys, a random ticket stub or two, the school calender, some basic kid first aid tear out from Parenting Magazine, and I'm sure a few other things I'm forgetting. It's a messy hodge-podge of our life, but I won't change it!