Friday, September 2, 2011

Apples to Apples

Well, since I'm pining for fall, how about some pictures from our trip to the apple orchard while my parents were here?

We visited Minnetonka Orchards, which is about 30 minutes from where we live. I love the location of our city - 15 minutes in one direction and you're in downtown Minneapolis, and 15 minutes in the other direction and you're in the middle of corn fields. I knew we were probably too early for a lot of what the orchard offers later in the fall, but figured it would be fun to go, hang out and see if it's somewhere we want to go picking later in the season.

It was awesome! Very casual and laid back - essentially the opportunity to wander around and observe the apple growing/grading/selling process. Picking hadn't really gotten underway yet; the Zestar variety was the only type ready for picking and by the time we asked someone about it the kids were too tired and uncooperative to trek back out to the orchard to pick.

We checked out the apples, said hello to the animals that live at the orchard and played on the fun wooden train and swingset they have for kids. It was a really beautiful day and because we were just about the only people there, it was very peaceful. I suspect it probably gets really busy later in the season so it was a real luxury to experience it like this.

Some pictures from our day:

Who doesn't plow fields in a tutu?

Uhhhh, I think there's someone under there...

Does this look familiar?

Hey kids, here's some old rusty farm equipment

Guardian llamas. Apparently they send out an alarm if an
unfriendly dog is threatening the other animals. Also,
Brighton is now obsessed with "yamas."

Swingin' with Papa

Maintaining her princess composure even while jumping

What a dude

Nana arming Brighton with a large branch (great for poking
out eyes)

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