Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sunday morning we were discussing what chores we needed to get done and negotiating how much football was going to be watched when Chris suggested we see if there were any cheap tickets available for that day's Vikings game. I'm usually the naysayer for these sort of spontaneous activities, but the weather was gorgeous, I was itching to get out of the house and I hadn't been to see a game in quite awhile (and never a Vikings game). So I agreed and, once he'd picked his jaw up off the floor, Chris made short work of finding us tickets online.

We ended up having a really fun time, and the kids did surprisingly well. Well, actually it's only surprising that Brighton behaved ok, as football is probably Pacey's favorite pastime (just ahead of jumping off of things). I've been to Qualcomm Stadium a few times to see the Chargers play, but as I said this was my first Vikings game. They do put on a heck of a show, but it was a little weird to be under the dome. Also, kind of smelly. Someone near me was having some intestinal issues and there was a distinct lack of fresh air to dilute the stench.

Still, awesome day and successful spontaneous outing which is not easy to come by with two small kids. The title of this post references the fact that we were all decked out in Vikings gear despite my husband and son's undying love for the San Diego Chargers.

One other funny story - at one point the Jumbotron (is that a real word?) flashed up with the question "Jennifer, will you marry me?"We giggled at the thought that there were probably about 30 hopeful Jennifers in the crown whose boyfriends were feeling a little hot under the collar...

Big and Little

Yes, that's totally a giant Viking horn. Jealous?

My secret weapon to keep Brighton entertained

Couldn't quite tell who this guy was rooting for...

"Yoooook Mama! Dancing!!" She was rather taken with the
cheerleaders (over my dead body)

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