Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Phone Dump

Huff - best, most tolerant dog ever

"Mom, we're frogs!!"

Elephant family in the bath

View of her chauffer from the backseat

I love stuff like this from school

Hard at work repairing our hot tub heater. Seriously
useful having a husband who knows how to fix just
about anything.

The u/s tech genuinely seemed to think this picture was
adorable. I mean, yeah, mother's love and all that but
that is a straight-up SKELETON!

Soaking up Vitamin D wherever we can get it (this was in
a bedroom of the house we looked at last

Sleepy Girl sleeps sitting up

Happy spring my ass

1 comment:

Elsha said...

Dog in a crown, that is so great. And I had the same thought at that ultrasound picture- hey look! Skeleton!