Monday, March 4, 2013

19 Weeks

Me and my best girlfriend, S. As of this picture she was three weeks away from her scheduled c-section date (jealous). I've never had a pregnant-buddy before...I can highly recommend it. I'm sad that it has never worked out for my sister and I to be pregnant together, but this is the next best thing. She seems so much further ahead now, but our boys will only be four months apart. Can't wait to meet him!


Heather said...

I was lucky to have friends pregnant right around me. First time around, one of my friends was exactly 2 months ahead of me- so, so helpful even if I did have a slight panic attack when she went in labor because that meant I was next! ;)

You look great- hope you're feeling well!

shardakneen said...

Dueling bellies!!! :) Love it so much.