Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'Tis the Season

We kicked off our holiday festivities this past weekend with a visit to Santa Claus and a sleigh ride out to a picturesque tree farm visit to Home Depot to select our Christmas tree.

I don't have a huge amount to say about the whole thing except that this was the first year I felt like the kids were into it, willing to participate, had a great time and generally weren't huge pains in the a$$. So, parents of the two-and-unders: It Gets Better.

Enjoy a few pictures while I go run some barf laundry. 'Cause that's what it's really the season for: highly contagious stomach viruses.

Santa Fail. Seriously Big Guy, what were you
looking at?!?

Ice Princess

Why yes, that Batman mask (?) was as hideously messy as you are

In direct contrast to last year - when Chris made the poor Home Depot lady
unwrap about 20 trees - this was the first one we looked at. It's a beaut.

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