Monday, February 27, 2012

A Moment, Just Now

Me: "Finish up your lunch guys, it's nap time."

Brighton: "Nooo, it's NOT nap time." (mumbles something else)

Me: "Excuse me?"

Brighton (raising her volume and looking me right in the eye): "I actually not like you anymore. I want daddy."

Me: "..."

I am so screwed.

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Heather said...

Not to make you feel worse, but the Bean has been known to tell me a time or two she hates me. Or that I'm not her friend any more. To which I always reply 1) that's not nice, 2) you're being rude and 3) even if you don't like what you have to do, you still need to be respectful and kind.

Hoping it'll sink in eventually! ;)

Good luck!