Friday, February 10, 2012


Love: It's Friday and that means my husband's business trip is nearly over.

Hate: He's been gone since last Saturday and it's been a looooooong week. My patience is at an all time low. I've eaten bean burritos three times for dinner. That's a lot even for me.

Love: It's been an exceptionally mild winter so far here in MN.

Hate: Regardless, it's still winter. I'm over it. I hate being cold. There's no snow to sled on or play in. Most days recently have been warm enough that the dogs come in with muddy feet. I'm so tired of mopping our light gray tiles.

Love: Recently I've started a tradition of pancakes for breakfast on Fridays. It makes me feel like a good mom to give my kids pancakes for breakfast on a weekday.

Hate: This morning B managed to catapult her cup of orange juice off the table in such a way that it sprayed ALL OVER the dining room. Sticky mess. More mopping. UPDATED TO ADD: I'm not even kidding, P just spilled his cup too. I quit this day.

Love: I found and ordered really cute personalized valentines for the kids on Etsy.

Hate: I'm not 100% sure they are going to arrive in time.

Love: I'm a really still sleeper so when C is gone making the bed is a snap.

Hate: Putting a freshly washed duvet cover on our winter-weight king-sized duvet by myself is surprisingly difficult.

Love: We're going to spend the morning helping a friend pack and ship the products her small business sells.

Hate: B is insisting on wearing big girl underpants today so there is a better-than-average chance she's going to pee somewhere in my friend's house.

Love: I'm taking the kids to a Valentine's Day dance at B's school tonight. They have this awesome local kids' DJ coming and I think they'll have a blast.

Hate: There is also a better-than-average chance that B will pee somewhere at the dance as well.

Love: My city has a really great system of sending you an alert when your water meter reading indicates you might have a leak somewhere.

Hate: The reason I know this is that I just received one such alert.

I'm off to hunt leaks and, most likely, call and beg someone to come out and tell me what the heck is going on. Happy weekend all.

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shardakneen said...

Ha, this totally made me laugh out loud. Possibly my favorite post yet.