Friday, November 25, 2011

The Year it Started to Work

I think I've mentioned in the past that I've been a little over-eager (and thus frequently disappointed) for the kids to "get" the holidays. Before they really understand what's coming it is hard to get them involved in the anticipation and build-up I love so much.

Anyway, this is the year that holidays have started to be SO much fun. Easter was awesome...I didn't actually do Easter baskets for the kids but we dyed eggs and hid them in the backyard and that was way more fun than I even hoped. We have an awesome backyard for hiding eggs so next year will be an epic hunt.

Halloween was so much fun too, and yesterday we had a very successful Thanksgiving. I mean, sure, the kids each ate rolls and nothing else (Pacey licked his fork when I told him he had to try something else before having more bread) but at least no one cried when they saw the plate of food this year (Brighton did get something from me!)

We had Thanksgiving lunch rather than dinner, which meant that we had eaten and cleaned up by the kids' nap/rest time. It was so peaceful I was actually...bored by late afternoon! We cooled down the hot tub a little and let the kids come in for the first time too, which was a resounding success. I wish I'd had my camera accessible for a shot of Pacey lounging in the tub watching football with his dad.

It's so reassuring to be having so much fun with the kids now. I just didn't enjoy the early baby days all that much and I felt sort of let I wasn't going to like being a mom as much as I always thought I would. But I think I'm just much more of a toddler-on-up person. Sure babies are cute (and I love other people's babies) but the kids just get more and more fun with each passing day and I feel so much more deeply connected to them.

Bring on the feast!

 Fifteen minutes after we sat down:

Chris's plate. I wish I'd gotten a photo of it full, everything
mixed together

My plate. Notice nothing is touching. I like my flavors to
remain pure. 
Bring on the Christmas season, I can tell this year will be the best yet.

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A Frugal Dater said...

Your plate looks exactly like mine always does. :) Glad you guys had a wonderful time!