Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Different is Good Too

12 years ago, Halloween looked like this:

Why yes, I am taking photos of photos in lieu of actually scanning them. Lazy points!

I'm sure you can spot me, and the brooding construction worker to the right is my really good friend, S. She is my best friend from college; we lived together in England when we studied abroad and she was with me the night I met my husband. She just happens to live about 10 minutes away from where I do now...no small factor in deciding to up and move to a new state. 

S had her first baby last November and it's been such a trip to be spending more time than ever together, and now as moms. This is what Halloween this year looked like:

I can honestly say that last night was every bit as fun as that night 12 years ago (and approximately one million times less painful this morning).


Kelley said...

so so so cool! I really enjoyed getting to hang as new mums with my scripps-mate Kim this summer!

shardakneen said...

Bahaha! Good God. That first pic is both horrifying and awesome at the same time. ;) Was that really 12 years ago??? Crazy!

I agree with you, too...this year = just as fun!

Also, can I just point out how awesome it is that Meg appears to be wearing gardening gloves? Love it!