Friday, November 18, 2011

A Few Brighton-isms to Preserve

I love, love, LOVE the stage of language development Brighton is in. Every day she comes out with some new phrase that surprises and amuses me. She's already starting to correct her pronunciation of words so I wanted to capture a few of the sweet little things she says.

Bathing suit = "baby soup"

Bottom = "bobbum"

 Seeing me take a bra out of the washing machine: "Mama! Dat for woobies!"
(Personally I am not a big fan of the word boobies but woobies is darn cute)

Me: Brighton, what's my name?

Brighton: "Jaida!"

Me: That's right! What's daddy's name?

Brighton: "Hon!"

I love that she has heard me call him "hon" so many times she thinks that's his name :)

I've been reading her the book Love You Forever (have you read this book? Have kleenex handy) before bed lately and she's mostly memorized it. Now, when we finish reading the book we have to take turns rocking each other and singing the little song from the book:

I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I'm living
My baby(Mommy) you'll be

It's kind of a heartbreaking book, but to hear her little-girl voice reciting the song and knowing that, for now, she has no idea what it means that the mother gets too old and sick to finish the song is about the best way to finish off a day.

Brighton, as long as I'm living, my tempestuous, silly, enthusiastic, adorable baby you'll be.

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