Thursday, September 25, 2014

31 for 21

Ok, I'm putting it here in writing so I can't back out. I'm going to participate in the 31 for 21 challenge again this year (a post per day through October for Down syndrome awareness). I reserve the right to post nothing but a photo, but come hell or high water I will post every day.

So many good things happening...nothing particularly noteworthy but we are all settling into the new routines. The weather is criminally gorgeous, as it often is here in September, and I am trying to enjoy every minute while I also brainstorm ways to get through another winter without any major funks.

Pacey is making great strides in his reading and writing skills. I found a little addition he made to my grocery/to-do list yesterday...he'd written the word "play." I love when he does things like that unprompted, because it reminds me that there is so much going on in his mind that we don't always know about. He is making new friends in second grade, and his best buddy, J, has already asked his mom if Pacey can trick-or-treat with them for Halloween this year. I never really let myself contemplate what Pacey's social life would look like in the future, but I certainly never imagined that he would be the rock star he is. Practically everywhere we go we run into someone that knows Pacey and they never hesitate to come up and talk to him. So awesome.

Brighton's rocking the kindergarten world. Her teacher sent an email to me the other day letting me know that during Choice Time Brighton noticed a boy playing on his own and asked the teacher if it would be alright for her to ask him to play so he wouldn't be alone. This made me so proud. Of course I am proud of everything she has and will accomplish academically, but hearing that my girl continues to be empathetic and kind to her peers really makes my heart soar. Plus she's an animal on the soccer field and that's pretty great too.

Archer is walking now at 14 months (nicely sandwiched between Brighton's 11 months and Pacey's 22 months) and is starting to be kiiiiiind of a terror. He loves to go around undoing everything I am doing, but beyond that he is showing himself to be both a climber and a hitter (!!) I'm so grateful that he's not in daycare right now because I know I'd be getting notes home about his behavior. I am confident it's nothing more than frustration resulting from his lack of ability to communicate otherwise, but it's not something I've dealt with in a toddler before. He has SUCH a cheeky grin that it's hard to be mad at him, and he still gives the world's best baby hugs but I think I have a challenging two-year-old year in my future with him!

Everything else I better save so I have something to write about starting next week...

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Heather said...

Darling- your kids are all so freaking darling. But I can see from each of these pics how they would keep you on your toes!

So glad Pacey is rocking out in school- not that it surprises me at all. And Brighton? Seriously- what a sweetie. I really, really hope I'm not raising a mean girl.

And Archer?! Thank good your words take a way some of the sting of how freaking cute he is otherwise I may really reconsider my "We're DONE" policy!