Thursday, August 7, 2014

We've Come a Long Way, Baby

I think the motivation I need to continue blogging lies in the blog itself; going back and reading the archives makes me laugh, cry, and thank cheese-and-crackers that I am no longer parenting toddler-and-preschooler Brighton and Pacey. My LANDS that was hard work.

This week I got a case of the oh-my-god-summer-is-ending and it lit a fire under me in terms of doing all the things we haven't gotten to yet. There is so much fun to be had here in the summer, but until Archer started condensing his naps down to one it was kind of impossible. Monday was a gorgeous day and we had plans to meet our friends at the beach post-nap and I decided spur-of-the-moment that we'd visit the working farm that is now a mere 15 minute drive from our house. I wrote about the first trip we'd made to the farm here and it's safe to say this visit was 100% more enjoyable despite the additional child in attendance.

We discussed which chicken was our favorite variety, petted and exclaimed over the calves born in May (I have a real *thing* for cows, I think they are really beautiful), pointed out all the vegetables growing that we do not like (we = Brighton), walked down to the canoe-launching pier, examined a half a mouse carcass without anyone sticking their fingers in it, and had an all-around thoroughly good time. For me, it just makes an enormous difference to have kids who understand expectations (and the threats I issue if they aren't followed) and have enough sense to act within appropriate boundaries. And it helps to have the world's most easygoing baby, if you have to have one along for the ride.

A+ day. And lest you think they are all like this now, I'll come back and write about the beach outing we took where the kids were instructed to just get their feet wet since we had an appointment directly after. Spoiler: they both ended up wet to their waists and Brighton threw her wet self down in the sand when I said it was time to go. Wet, sandy, truculent children: not my favorite.

If you go back to the post from 2011 there's a hilariously
similar picture. Some things never change.

Hard to tell, but these are baby (adolescent?) turkeys.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Didder and Doodoo

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Elsha said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I'm looking forward to the time when Daniel and Lydia also know and follow expectations. It's gotten so easy to go places with just Kalena and Will!