Thursday, May 15, 2014

Five Minute Dump

Ok, I'm giving myself five minutes to write down as many things as I can think of that I haven't blogged about.

- My baby girl turned five on Monday. FIVE. I blinked and she grew up. She's marvelous.

- Archer is almost ten months old and is crawling, pulling up and getting into absolutely everything.

- He does not, however, eat food without gagging and barfing. I am completely mystified by this baby. Anything more than a smooth puree results in barf, after four months of slooowwwllly introducing food. I don't want to be too reactive but I think we are headed for a feeding consult for some suggestions as to how to desensitize him. Babies man.

- He has also still only slept through the night maybe four times. That's all I'll say about that.

- My parents came for a visit. It was fantastic. They are so great with the kids and I'm grateful they can make such an effort to visit since we haven't had the fortitude to fly up to the Last Frontier with three kids. Or even two.

- Chris and I got away for two nights. It was also fantastic. The first time we've had two consecutive nights since Pacey was born. We went to a rustic little cabin on a lake and did not much of anything. Oh, we did visit a bison ranch. Totally romantic.

- We also celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. Holy cow.

- Pacey's almost done with first grade. We watched his musical performance today. He did awesomely amazingly superb. His classmates are so kind to him. I love our school.

- Brighton lost her first tooth and has another one loose. It really threw me. It makes her look so much older and I have that melancholy feeling of having left a place you can never go back to. Unusual for me.

- Pacey starred in a video for the PACER Center which advocates on behalf of children with disabilities and children who are victims of bullying. The video played at their annual fundraising benefit before Diana Ross sang. He was phenomenal. So was she. I'll post a link at some point.

- I see 70s and straight sunshine in our ten day forecast. It can't come soon enough. Easter Sunday was the last nice day that I remember.

- I've already exceeded my five minutes. Time is money. A few more of these and maybe I'll be back on track with blogging. Maybe.

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