Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just a Few Things

* I started off the day today meeting a friend for a walk with our boys. I've written about her before - she has a gorgeous son who is the same age as my nephew, Dylan (who I miss very much) and who also happens to have Down syndrome. It was a chilly but brilliantly sunny morning so we grabbed some coffees and walked a trail while we caught up on life. It was so good on so many levels...nice to see her after a long stretch of being busy with other things, so fun to see her boy growing up so much, and a much needed physical exertion in the fresh air.

* I was flipping back through photos I've taken recently on my phone and I realized how many people I have connected with who also have children (or other relatives) with Ds. I had photos of no fewer than five other cuties with extra chromosomes! It took me a long while to feel like seeking out the company of other mothers of kids with Ds, but am so, so grateful for these connections I've made. I feel like I am in a position to be a source of information for other parents, which is really nice. I have never felt as though I had much in the way of resources from other people of older kids (probably because I never sought them out), and so I'm happy to be that for others.

* My grandfather, my dad's dad, passed away last night. He had a long life and had been struggling with health issues for some time so it was not a surprise that his time was up. Still...I'm sad that Pacey only met him once and Brighton never in person. I don't remember my dad's mother because she passed away when I was very young and I always wish I'd been able to know her. The kids can't really grasp the concept of relatives beyond their grandparents (and aunts/uncles/cousins) at this point, but I will enjoy sharing memories with them as they get older.

* I'm having a real live date tonight with my husband. We have been slacking on the date nights so I'm dragging him to see The Hunger Games. We have both read the books and I've heard great things about the movies so am very excited. Frankly, I'd probably pay a babysitter just to be able to sit in my car somewhere and not deal with the bedtime theatrics for one night. A movie and alone time with my husband are just the sweeteners!

* I'm discovering that another of the Not Joys of having potty trained children is the nighttime potty wakings. Pacey has yet to EVER wake up to pee...once he is asleep he is down for the count. For the past three nights, however, my daughter has woken up somewhere from 3:30 - 4:30 am crying for me to come and take her potty. I know it's not really reasonable to expect her to go by herself at this age, so I don't mind getting up, but boy am I out of practice. It takes awhile to convince her to go back to sleep in her bed, and then it takes me awhile to go back to sleep myself. Consequently, I've been waking up at just the wrong part of my sleep cycle and feeling very bleary in the mornings. It's not even that long ago and I already wonder how in the world I dealt with sleep deprivation for so many nights in a row.

* We found out last week that our dog Simon, our first "baby," has lymphoma and likely doesn't have more than six months left with us. He seems ok for now and the vet has said that giving him prednisone daily should keep him feeling ok until the disease gets to be too much for his body. Still, I'm not ready to deal with this for myself or for the kids. It came as kind of a shock...our other dog has already had a tumor removed and we believe him to be a couple of years older than Simon (we adopted him so don't know for sure) and both Chris and I always assumed that Huff would be the first to go live on the farm, so to speak.  

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