Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Talk Before Sleep

Gradually, gradually (OH, SO GRADUALLY), Pacey is starting to talk. I mean, he's been saying words for a couple of years, and even stringing a few words together here and there. Brother makes his needs known. But recently, when I stop and listen to the two kids together, they are having actual conversations (and arguments...lots of arguments). It is seriously music to my ears.

Brighton, for her part, is becoming very interested in emotions and what they mean, so we do a lot of talking about whether we are happy or sad or (most recently) angry. She obviously really understands what it means and surprises me with some of her observations (upon being scolded, "Mommy, you angry!") Anyway, she quite likes to discuss things after the fact and this morning at breakfast said to me, "You drop me. I cry." Obviously I'm not in the habit of dropping my children, so I asked her what she meant and she clarified, "You drop me, I cry, my school." Ah, yes. She was merrily recounting the fact that every. single. time. I drop her off at preschool, she screams bloody murder for approximately three minutes and then proceeds to enjoy the hell out of her morning. Judging by the twinkle in her eyes this morning as she casually reminded me of her crying, the performance is completely for my benefit torture.

Show me happy

Show me sad

Show me angry

Show me surprised
The two kids are also starting to gang up on me. As the Coat Wars continue, I sometimes have to actually wrestle Pacey into his coat, a process made challenging by his ridiculous strength and bendability, and then made nearly impossible by Brighton's grabbing my arm and yelling, "Leave him alone!!!" I totally love that she's coming to his defense, but so not helpful.

I'd say that Pacey probably talks more to Brighton than anyone else in the course of a day. As a result, she is at least as adept as I am at translating his sometimes mysterious pronunciations of things. It's really sweet when he asks for something I either don't hear or can't understand and she'll tell me, "her wants xyz" (she's a little mixed up on pronouns right now). Again, though, not particularly helpful when I know perfectly well what he's asking for but am declining to agree to his request.

Brighton requested that Pacey read her her
pre-naptime story
I think a lot about Pacey and Brighton as siblings, and what the experience of having a brother with special needs will mean for Brighton. I hope that it means she will ultimately be a more tolerant and accepting person, and that she will be comfortable with people with varying abilities. I am realizing that she has absolutely reached an age where she is taking her cues from Chris and I, although she has no idea yet that he is any different. I hear her congratulating him when he uses words, or completes any one of the tasks that he earns praise from us for, "Good job, Pace!" It's not condescending in the least, and neither of them thinks it's at all strange that at age 2.5 she is praising him for things she's been able to do for months.

My kids are totally the yin and yang to my parenting experience. They could NOT be more different from each other, and seeing their differences really allows me to appreciate each of them for their own unique selves. Having a second kid felt like a pretty big leap of faith, but I will be forever grateful that we closed our eyes and jumped.

He's vanilla
She's chocolate

One last note, as I want to mark the timing...Didder and Doodoo are no longer. More and more Pacey has been calling Brighton by her name, and Doodoo has long since been retired for Pacey, Pace or (adorably), Pacey-roo. *sniff*


Heather said...

Oh my goodness- your kids are gorgeous!

I'll never forget the first time Scorch got mad at us- flat out furious- when we disciplined the Bean. "Don't you talk to my sister like that, Mommy!" I about fell over.

I'm lucky enough to have a brother and sister I'm very close to and I still don't understand the sibling bond. It's one of life's best mysteries, IMO.

And you're still a better mom then I am...the people at my kids school think I'm nuts b/c Bean is frequently seen coming and going in 30 degree weather with no coat on. I gave up a long, long time ago on that battle. ;)

Aislinn said...

My favorite post yet! Aw, I miss Didder and Doodoo (and Brighton and Pacey-roo). :(

Michelle said...

Great post! I have some of the same thoughts about raising Kayla and Lucas. Your kids are adorable!