Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Radio Silence

It's my birthday today!

I think one of the reasons I like writing this blog is because I spend a lot of time inside my head during the day. I always get the kids and myself out at least once during the day, but not always for an activity that includes adult interaction. So I think a lot. And this is fine with me - I'm an introvert and the time to contemplate allows me to continue giving the kids the attention and interaction they need throughout the day (and to try to save some for extroverted Husband when he gets home!)

So anyway, I tend to come here and write about the things I spend the day thinking about. It's the same method I used for writing papers in college. I'd often wait til a couple of days before they were due to actually put pen to paper (so to speak) but at that point I'd already pretty much written the paper in my head.

When I have visitors, I spend a lot less time in my head. And, of course, don't really have the time to sit at the computer, upload pictures, etc. I guess this is a really long-winded way of saying that my parents were here for a visit, hence the 11 day absence from this space!

I love visits from my parents, but they have the unfortunate effect of reminding me, each and every time, how envious I am of people whose parents live locally. Mine do a really great job of getting out here to visit us multiple times a year (trickier now that we're here and my sister and her family are still in CA) and that's really awesome. But I'd love nothing more than for us all to live in the same state.

Anyway, we had a really awesome time with them. The kids were more excited than I have ever seen them when we picked Nana and Papa up at the airport. I had a full agenda planned for us and we started off great with a trip to the apple orchard and a ride on the Wayzata trolley. Unfortunately, after just a couple of days I came down with strep throat, ear infections and the WORST case of pinkeye in the history of the world (no exaggeration). It was great that Chris had the help with the kids while I was out of commission, but I felt very sorry for myself as they went off to the State Fair on Friday without me.

As an aside, every time Chris and I plan a night out or (rarely) a night away, the children manage to sabotage it with illness. Seriously, their track record is amazing. I'm sure you can see where this is going...since the grandparents were here we thought we'd sneak away for a night. We made no mention of it to the kids and they stayed well - and I came down with the plague. ARGH. (One more aside, I think the true definition of love is willingly sleeping next to someone whose entire head is infected and who is kind of acting like a gremlin as a result. Love you honey).

So, Nana and Papa left yesterday and I think the kids will be in Attention Withdrawal for awhile. My birthday gift to myself today is to utilize every bribe and treat in the book to avoid tantrums, and NOT feel guilty about it! We have a couple of days to ease back into life and then it's school orientations and two first days of school (a week apart, which is sort of nice). There will be plenty of time in my head and plenty of things to write about so watch for frequent posts to come!

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