Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Midwestern County Fair in Pictures

In addition to the usual collection of barnyard animals there was this..WTF?

Feeding the kids was cheap

The Antelope Whisperer

And again...kangaroos, WTF? I'm dying to know where these animals live
when it's not fair season

Brighton with the used plastic straw she found on the sticky, dirty floor of the
grandstand. She thought it was hilarious to threaten to put it in her mouth.

Pork chop on a stick!!!

Pacey: "MMMMM" Brighton: "Is that...pig??"

The big, fancy state fair it was not, but this little gem of a fair hidden literally in the middle of a neighborhood about 40 minutes from us was the perfect Saturday outing. I had lots of other snarky observations to share, but I decided to just keep the cattiness to myself and say that it was a completely lovely day.

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