Thursday, November 6, 2014


Today my little Peanut is eight. I can hardly believe it...sometimes it feels like I blinked and here we are. Other times, of course, it feels like several lifetimes have passed since he was born and completely turned the world upside down for us.

Chris can't be here today (he's on a business trip) but my mom is here celebrating with us. She was there eight years ago too, about 18 hours after Pacey was born unexpectedly. Not too bad considering she had to get from Alaska to Southern California. She was able to hold Pacey just briefly before she had to go and I will always be grateful that she was able to drop everything and come be with us during that crazy time.

I went to Pacey's classroom to read a book to him and his second grade friends today. I can't help but come away from every single trip to see him at school feeling incredibly grateful for him and the community we have around him. He is loved, he is accepted and he is appreciated for who he is.

Pacey Graham Harris, you are loved far and wide and you have such a gift for making everyone's day a little brighter. Happy birthday.


Heather said...

I realize this makes me sound odd as hell, but I can't tell you how glad I am that I found your blog and have been able to watch your kids grow. Pacey seems like such a delightful dude and I'm so glad you share little slivers of his life with us!

Hope he had a great birthday!

Elsha said...

Happy birthday to Pacey! I hope it was wonderful!

Diane Adamo Cassellius said...

Happy birthday! Great reading your blog.
It is amazing how time flies. I have 5 hence my blog name 5 little monkeys…A 22 year old daughter and 4 boys who are 13 under. My oldest boy has bardet biedl syndrome. There are many unique blessings and challenges.