Monday, March 10, 2014

My Kind of Winter

Ok, so my kind of winter is actually the kind that gets vaguely chilly rather than ever cold, but since we're here in MN for the long haul, this is what passes for reasonable.

It warmed up to 30s and 40s this weekend and even I can tolerate those temperatures. We spent some time outside on Sunday, taking the kids for a walk and playing in the slowly disappearing snow. Brighton has been begging to make a snowman all winter (thank you, Frozen) but it's been too cold or the snow not the right consistency. Anyway, she finally got to make her snowman and Archer got a token First Winter sled ride. Now, bring on spring.

Not quite pictured: totally inappropriate-for-the-weather crib shoes and
mismatched socks covering the baby's hands. I clearly had no real
intentions of having him outside this winter

Holy crap, I have three kids

Yes, those are bottlecaps. Beer bottlecaps. Classy, no?


Oh, ok, here you can see the improvised winter gear a bit better

A boy and his Dada

The princess commands her steed

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Heather said...

That pic of Chris and Pacey is too perfect!