Wednesday, July 17, 2013


We were expecting Pacey to lose another tooth since his dental xrays showed both adult front teeth ready to pop through. Sure enough, he's had another wiggler for the last week or so. He handled this one better, although I think he still doesn't particularly enjoy it.

Anyway, this morning I was getting some clothes out for him and he ran into his room.

"Wook Mom, it came out!" He announced it so proudly and showed me the tooth, which he then insisted on brushing (?) Then, "Tooth fairy Mom! Six dollars!"

I'm not sure what I'm more proud of: the fact that he handled the whole thing so much better this time (and clearly *gets* the whole concept); the fact that he announced verbally, in a clear and complete sentence that he'd lost it; or the fact that he recalled the tooth fairy left him five dollars last time and decided to jump right in there and negotiate a raise.

If you think there is any way he's NOT getting six dollars, then you completely overestimate my ability to be sensible.

(I haven't been able to get a good picture of him sans two front teeth, but I'll keep trying. He's darn cute...)


Micernice said...

Awesome :o)

Like at Home said...

I'm waiting for the picture...