Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dusting Off, Settling In

Whew. We're here.

We sold a house, we bought a house, we navigated countless little (and not-so-little) obstacles along the way, and now we are home. Forever. I am never ever ever moving again. Even when we are old and snowbirding, I will buy a second set of everything for our sunshine home. Hear that kids? If you want grandparent help you better stay in Minnesota.

Joking aside, I am so grateful to be past that giant hurdle. It's such a first world whine, since we moved from one beautiful suburban home into a frankly even more beautiful and spacious home, but I have a hard time with change and transition and this was no exception. We only moved 10 miles but it's new schools and new therapists (probably) and a new supermarket and a further drive from the life I've built over the last three years. But my GOD do I feel fortunate. We have landed in a lovely, lovely part of the world and I am so excited to get settled in and start the next phase of our life in this new family home.

We moved all in one day (don't recommend, but really, who can avoid it??) and have unpacked the major functional areas so that now we can slow it down a bit and take some time. Good thing too, my poor stretched out and lumbering body is crying out for rest by the end of the day. We all immediately came down with that classic post-stressful-event virus and have been coughing and hacking nonstop. There are still boxes everywhere and I can't complete one task without seeing/thinking about 20 more that need my attention. My poor child actually ASKED for salad the other day, so I made it a priority to get us back on a schedule of reasonable bedtimes and healthy, home-prepared food. Summer vacation has begun and we will spend lots of time at the parks, libraries, swimming, etc in addition to all the chores. And in just six short weeks we will welcome our Hedgehog.

Here's a few shots of the new place, I'll post more as we get things more organized.

We spent three days getting the kitchen unpacked and organized. Why is
there SO MUCH SHIT in kitchens?? To the left is a door to the porch.

Screened-in three season porch overlooking the backyard. C and B spent
our second night in the house sleeping out here because the cool night
air was the only thing that would calm her croupy cough

Creek running along the back of the property.
Behind it is a pond where we will teach the kids
to ice skate this winter.


Lisa said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous house and property! Congratulations!

Heather said...

It's beyond lovely and I'm so happy for you! Good luck settling in- can't wait to see more!

Elsha said...

That house is beautiful! I'm glad you're getting settled in!

Navigating the Mothership said...

What a dreamy new house!

Hope you aren't feeling too burned out as you try to take care of all the things.