Monday, August 13, 2012

Another Monday

Oh man, sometimes a well-planned weekend just hits the spot. This one was the perfect mix of family time and couple time, fun and productiveness, activity and bumming around. I got my girls' night out, we hit up a county fair, had a date night at home, got some jobs done around the house and even got to "sleep in" until 7:00 am one morning. Oh, and I found a coupon for $15 off a Wittlebee box which I've been intrigued by but reluctant to try for $40. Man I love me some bargains on kids' clothes!

To celebrate, I thought I would finally post some pictures from my vacation. It's kind of hard to look at them because it makes me sad knowing I won't see my sister and her family for awhile now. It was a great trip though, and gave me much more hope for fun travel as a family in the future than any of the other semi-disastrous trips we have taken to date.

Riding the airport light rail on the way to
the train station. BART was kind of loud
for Pacey's preferences, but I think they
enjoyed it in general

Cousins bonding over the iPad

Riding the carousel at Fairyland in Oakland. The kids
loved the park. I...did not.

Super secret Cousin Club meeting

All three kids asleep on the way to Monterey. They didn't
even make us pay for this (too much).

Pool time in my sister's neighborhood pool

This kid loves the water as long as he can stick to you like a barnacle


The kids and their Teetee

A picture! Of all three of us! And we are all looking at the camera!

Fun afternoon at Tilden Park in Berkeley

It can be hard to get a real, genuine smile from Pacey but we managed it

Day 2: a veritable feast of "real" Mexican food (i.e. without Norwegian
flair). I ate most of a burrito the size of my arm.

Triple trouble at the Oakland Zoo

Pacey adores elephants and this was his first time seeing them "live." 

Splash park in Concord. 

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