Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July

Without a doubt, this year was the best celebration of the 4th of July I can remember. It was a gorgeous hot day and we spent it with many of our good friends. We took a boat out in the morning with two other families, meandering around the lake, chatting, fishing and swimming. Home for naps (well, naps in the car on the way home anyway) and headed to a barbecue in the afternoon. We left that event and headed over to another family's house with a tentative plan to watch fireworks with the kids if moods held out.

We ended up making it down to our friends' dock where we could see several of the cities' firework displays. As it got dark, though, the mosquitoes came out in vicious droves and the kids were getting a little squirrelly. We gave in around 10:00 and called it a night. No one melted down, we weren't hosting anything at our house so it was super low-stress and I think it'll be a day the kids remember. I know I will.

Doing their best to fall overboard

P and A

She likes to be the one to hand out the bait fish

Driving with his feet

In direct contrast to his fearless fish of a sister, Pace is a
little more tentative about the water (he's SO like me)

The crew, having a snack break


The girls and their sparklers. B and her friend C are absolute kindred spirits.

Slapping bugs and waiting for the fireworks to start

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