Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Days

I haven't had much time for posting sister-in-law Kirsten and her daughter, Caitlin are here visiting from England for three weeks. It's been really fun seeing the cousins together - Caitlin is four months older than Brighton so the three are running around in a well-matched pack. It was really cool to see actually - the kids haven't seen each other in two years but got along right away.

We've taken the opportunity to do some of the fun activities we hadn't tried yet here in the Twin Cities, mostly successfully. The only challenging part of the visit so far (well, apart from three kids under the age of 5) was the several days of extreme heat when K and C first arrived. The heat index was listed at 122 at the worst and it was pretty uncomfortable. It's cooled off since then and we've had absolutely gorgeous days and lots of fun outdoors. Here's some pictures of our adventures thus far...

We lasted 25 minutes at the park at 9 am. SO HOT. It was
a good excuse to eat ice cream at 9:30 am though.

On a trolley ride

I think Brighton sees an iceberg ahead

Taking the trolley home (this was such a fun - and free - activity)

At a Saint Paul Saints baseball game. Pacey takes his baseball
very seriously. 

Classic ballpark food - french fries, pretzel and Hawaiian Punch
(it contains a whole 5% fruit juice you know)

Caitlin wasn't too sure about the food...

The girls trying out Pacey's bed

Playing dress-up...this girl is way too comfortable
in a tiara

Harriet Potter

Pace got in on the action

Ready for an adventure

Someone who shall remain nameless
celebrated a milestone birthday the other
day. Again, B went right for the tiara.

Posting may be light for the next couple of weeks while we continue to entertain our guests and eke as much pleasure out of the remaining summer months as we can. I can't believe it's only a little over a month until school starts (not that I am counting or anything...)

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